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Elderly & Disabled Services

Making a difference for valued citizens!

Elderly and disabled residents are often isolated and vulnerable and they generally lack the knowledge and skills necessary to access the variety of resources potentially available to them. For some, language is a barrier. They may be first generation immigrants from Mexico whose children and grandchildren assimilated into the dominant culture but they were too busy surviving to acquire a new language. These residents are very hesitant about reaching out for assistance. For others, lack of transportation is a barrier. For example, if an elderly resident has to spend so much of their income on rising utility costs that they cannot afford sufficient nutritious food or a reliable vehicle, they cannot get to the Food Bank distribution sites.


Through our outreach efforts, we can identify such situations and arrange to have food delivered to their home as often as needed to ensure a healthy diet. Wherever a need exists, we will work to identify it, develop a plan of action to address that need, implement that solution, engage in on-going evaluation of how successfully we are meeting that need, and make adjustments as needed. The problem of isolation and inadequate access to resources is resolved by reaching out to people in a non-threatening manner, engaging them on a personal level, letting them know that there is hope for a better life, and developing a plan to move them from isolation and need to engagement and realization.


In the end, it is we who benefit the most. Our honored elders and our residents who cope with physical and other challenges bring an invaluable perspective to our work. Many become volunteers, giving thousands of hours of their precious time to help make a difference for others!



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